Monday, June 22, 2009

Bad Parent?

This month I will focus on inflation, irrationality, and Mickey Mouse. But first, can someone tell me what's up with the weather? Someone has apparently moved New York to Seattle without telling anyone. How else to explain the last two months of cold rain here in the Big Apple? Still, like anyone else, I love this time of year, and as any parent with young kids knows, it comes with multiple school attendance obligations. Not that I mind these milestone events, of course. It’s a proud moment for any parent to see their child move to a new level, and I recently attended a spate of these events.

I grow concerned, however, about my dedication as a parent. I apparently don’t love my kids as much as the other parents, because what else can explain the fact that I haven’t documented every moment of my children’s’ existence? I am clearly negligent. One father, at my daughter Caroline’s graduation from lower school, loves his daughter so much that he stood through the entire ceremony while simultaneously operating a camcorder in one hand and a large digital camera in the other. His wife, who is also a really loving parent, stood by his side holding a third camera. They were immediately in front of Kelley and me, so we could fully appreciate how much more they loved their daughter than we loved ours. Some circle of hell reserved for bad parents awaits us, I fear...

Somebody told me that Caroline looked beautiful as she marched in her spring dress with the other girls, which made me smile.

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