Monday, March 29, 2010

Microsoft Courier - Better Than the IPad for Business?

I'm not a techno geek, but I do like technology and once in a while a new development sends my heart aflutter. The Microsoft Courier tablet - which may not even exist, is such one of those things. When was the last time Microsoft sent hearts racing, anyway? Have they ever?

Let me say I love my iphone, and I had high hopes for the iPad. But from a business guy's perspective, the iPad doesn't get it done. I don't think it's even meant to. It's an entertainment and media delivery vehicle more than anything. For those things, it appears to be outstanding, but do I really want to go on a business trip with my iphone, my laptop, and a tablet?

What I want is something that can supplant my laptop but also deliver content and entertainment. The Courier looks like the right piece of hardware/software, assuming I will be able to use the Office suite. I love the fact it opens like a book. This makes it a better e-reader. It lets me multitask the same way I might on my dual monitor PC at work. But this device actually adds a considerable amount of functionality versus PCs. I also love that I can keep a permanent and searchable record of my notes for the rest of my life. Click the play button above to get an idea.

When you're done, you can close this thing like a book and not worry about it getting all dinged up in my brief case.

Microsoft, if you're listening, I volunteer to be a beta tester.

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  1. As of today, the Courier is apparently dead, according to Microsoft.