Friday, April 16, 2010

The Other Half

Approximately half of New Yorkers don't pay any federal income tax. Here they were, yesterday, April 15th, sunning on the Sheep's Meadow in Central Park at 2 in the afternoon. A work day, a school day.


  1. MAKE THEM PAY RENT FOR THE TIME THEY DON'T PAY TAXES. They might appreciate the others that provide.

  2. If they are tourists, they should be in shops and restaurants. When I lived/worked in NYC, I often wondered who were all the people milling around midtown when I was late for a meeting....

    Clearly the bigger issue is that the tax roles are too small. More people need to pay their fair share if there is any hope of balancing the budget. Remove loop holes and make sure everyone pays. More money will be raised. This is a critical issue in VT and the federal landscape.