Friday, June 17, 2011

The Real Reason Anthony Weiner Had to Resign

Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner: compare and contrast.

  • Both were involved in sex scandals with young women, although Clinton's actually involved real sex, in the Oval Office no less
  • Both lied about their activities at some length, although Clinton lied under oath

Arguably, President Clinton's actions were more deplorable, if that's possible, than Weiner's, and yet only Weiner had to resign.

Here's why:

The pictures. Weiner making 80s porn-face. This is in-your-face ickiness, and there's no way to dance around it. The left can rationalize just about any sex scandal but they can never, ever, brook such an egregious violation of taste.

Bill Clinton is very fortunate to have lived his political life in the pre-digital era.

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