Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rubio Being Passed Over? - Not a Chance

There are stories going around today that Marco Rubio isn't even being vetted by the Romney campaign for the VP slot. Don't buy it.

First, there is zero chance that Rubio doesn't at least get vetted. Sure, he might not get the nod, but to not even get a look? Not a chance. Rubio is a highly popular pick for the base, and Romney has to at least appear to be interested.

The Naked Dollar also has a confidential source that confirms the is likely a red herring. We'll see soon enough.

For what it's worth, there's never been a more obvious pick for VP in our lifetime. Big swing state, young and handsome, popular with the base, and presumably Hispanics. Rubio is the dream package. My guess is that Romney's camp doesn't want to seem to be doing the obvious, at least not yet, so they planted this story to throw people off the scent. At the same time, playing coy helps Romney score points with other potentials veeps, like the Portmans and the Pawlentys, who will appreciate at least seeming they're in the hunt. Romney needs these people, and their states, in the fall.

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  1. A few hours after I posted this, Romney confirmed that Rubio is, indeed, being vetted. Score one for The Naked Dollar.