Tuesday, October 28, 2014

National Pulse Index Update

It looked like the Democrats were trying to counterpunch until the last couple of days, when the Republicans have made a serious move, the biggest yet. My guess is that this is the last momentum swing before the election, putting the GOP in a strong position.

The GOP is now a net positive 289 polling points since May. Significantly, all of this has come since Labor Day, traditionally when the electorate starts to pay attention. In fact, Dems were actually slightly positive at Labor Day at +15, meaning that Republicans have picked up a remarkable 304 net polling points since.

Clearly, the Democrat playbook, one that hasn't changed much (war on women, etc.) in years, isn't working. There will be blood.

Scroll down a few posts if you want to understand this.

The Naked Dollar will make its predictions shortly.

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