Friday, October 14, 2016

When You Hate Both Candidates

What a situation. 

Neither candidate for president is even remotely suited for the office. And yet, one will occupy it.

Neither is temperamentally suited, and, let's face it, neither is a good person. Donald Trump is a deeply, deeply strange man, and Hillary Clinton should be in jail, among other things. I could argue, successfully, that while Trump's transgressions are predominantly things he's said, Hillary's are things she's actually done, and that's far worse, but let's put that debate aside. Let's stipulate that the candidates are equally awful. 

What to do?

Here's what. Get over the fact that both candidates are each their own brand of reprehensible and come to terms with the fact that one of them will be running the country. Focus on the one thing that no one seems to be talking about: policy. 

Policy is the tie breaker.

Choose the candidate that best fits your policy preferences. It shouldn't be hard, because they are miles apart.

Do you want an activist Supreme Court or one that upholds the Constitution? The next president will decide that one for at least a generation.

What kind of tax code do you want? Hillary wants higher rates and more complexity, Trump is the opposite. On death taxes alone, Hillary wants to go to a whopping 65%, while Trump wants to eliminate them. That's an incredible difference that no one's focusing on.

Do you want open borders or more rationalized, controlled immigration?

How about identity politics with transgender bathrooms and balkanized campuses? Want to double down on that or push back?

I could go on. There are huge policy differences between Trump and Clinton, bigger than in most presidential elections, and almost no one is even noticing. Everyone's caught up in the circus, including the media, who have been shameful. The debate moderators have been feeding into it as well. But policy-wise, we're talking about two very, very different paths forward.


  1. Ignore that bile in your throat
  2. Read up on policy
  3. Pick your candidate
  4. Hold you nose and vote


  1. A moment of sanity in an otherwise insane election. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for bringing it back to earth