Monday, October 22, 2018

The House Might Be ThisClose - Chaos Will Ensue

With all the talk of a "blue wave," there's a much more likely scenario that no one's talking about, and God help us if it happens. That is, the House is won by one party or the other by one or two seats.

Why do I say this? I went through every House poll I could find for any district that is even remotely competitive, and I just added them up. If candidate A is up by even a point, I give the race to him or her. (Obviously, that is within the margin of error but it cuts both ways.)

Here's what I got:

Republican seats flipping to Dems:        26
Dem seats flipping to Republicans:          3

Net Dem pickup:                                    23

Dem pickups required to take control:   24

Yes, that's right. Democrats fall one short. I realize there's a lot of potential error in this, but the possibility is real. The signs point towards a rather average gain for the out-of-power party in a midterm election (which is 25, by the way). No blue wave, just average-ness.

I checked the history books, by the way. There's never been a one-vote margin in the House.

Think about the craziness we'll have to endure if this happens. Neither party will take losing by one or two seats well, but I think it's safe to say the Democrats will take it less well. They fully expect to win this and if they don't, they will take to the streets. They will also send thousands of lawyers out to every district that was within a couple of points. There will be endless recounts. Cries of fraud and voter suppression will be heard across the land (even if they never seem to find someone whose vote was actually suppressed). Next year's House will be called "invalid." (Sound familiar?)

Scorched earth, like the Kavanaugh hearings. I, for one, hope it doesn't happen, but the alternative would be even worse.


  1. Hmmm, I think the predicted response from the left of center is 100% "spot on", but I wouldn't underestimate the Deplorables...The President has been underestimated every step of the way since he announced his candidacy. Let's hope his coattails are underestimated as well, as there is still much work to be done to loosen the grip of the "Swamp". Draining it is hyperbole, however, restoring a measure of balance in the judiciary (the de facto lawmakers) and wresting the hegemony from the liberal side of the congressional equation will not be quick or easy.

  2. Hanging chads, anyone?

    No, the Dems will not taken this electoral loss thing well.

  3. you know they won't take it well, because they're already complaining that we won't take it well

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