Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Corzine the Destructor

Has anyone else noticed what a serial failure this guy is?

1998 - Loses piles of money for Goldman Sachs and gets forced out by Hank Paulson.

2000 - Buys a Senate seat for $65 million. Highlight of Senate career: engineering John Edwards as John Kerry's running mate.
2002 - Wife dumps him for cheating.

2003 - Decides it would be a great idea, as a public official, to shack up with Carla Katz, who happens to run a municipal employee union with whom he negotiates. Gives her major dough, forgives loans.

2005 - Jim McGreevey resigns in disgrace, Corzine buys Governorship. Raises already sky-high New Jersey taxes, escalates government spending, trashes economy.

2009 - Loses governorship to unknown lawyer.

2010 - Named CEO of MF Global, a money manager. Decides it would be a good idea to get into leveraged bond trading, stock drops 80%, Moody's cuts ratings. Rumor has it he's out.

What will Jon Corzine trash next?


  1. "Give me ten men like [him] and I could destroy the world." -Inspector Dreyfus, "A Shot in the Dark"

  2. Wall Street has a habit of hiring big-time losers like this, but he'll have to move down the food chain again.

    Some smaller firm will say, "He must know a lot and have a lot of contacts. We will manage him better."

  3. @JPR: I can see that. It's part of the problem with the extremely connections oriented society that is the East.

  4. Great post - but incomplete. How about adding Goldman's 1994 bond losses on his watch? Don't forget his arrogance in not wearing a seatbelt.

    Corzine is a liberal putz - but I repeat myself.