Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Romney Drumbeat Begins

Word has it, in certain circles, that, despite protestations to the contrary, Mitt Romney is definitely interested in a third run at the White House. Indeed, his surrogates are already floating the idea. Two weeks ago, Romney insider Emil Henry wrote a piece for Politico outlining how Romney could win. (Full disclosure: Emil is an old friend.)

The piece only addressed Romney's chances in the general election, however, not the primaries. But here, there may also be a strong case. You see, unlike 2012, there is a huge crop of principled conservatives that could potentially run. Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Jindal...these people terrify Wall Streeters and the country club crowd, not to mention most of the Washington Republican establishment. The moderates are desperate for an alternative, and that seems to have boiled down to three choices: Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Romney.

The problem is that Bush and Christie each has a lot of hair. Christie has Bridgegate and, perhaps more seriously, a festering scandal about the allocation of bond proceeds. And he's wicked fat.

Bush has family issues. His wife has been busted for smuggling luxury goods through customs and reportedly has substance abuse problems. His daughter has been to jail for crack use. And, let's face it, "Bush" isn't a strong brand right now.

This leaves Romney, ever the eagle scout.

The scenario is simple: the establishment rallies behind Romney while conservatives divide themselves between their guys. It could end up being an easy win, and, as I've outlined before, it would be a mistake. The GOP loses with moderates, and it wins with conservatives. Winning the presidency for the Republicans is a matter of turning out the base, not winning independents.

Is there is a compromise candidate out there, one who appeals enough to both sides? Scott Walker comes to mind, although he needs to get re-elected in Wisconsin first. He is also a tad bland. I admire the hell out of the guy, but he doesn't light up the room.  

Why not Kasich?

Another is John Kasich, governor of Ohio. I wonder why there hasn't been more talk about Kasich. There are twenty Republicans you can bet on for 2016 with the London bookmakers, including the likes of Susana Martinez and Dr. Ben Carson, but not the Governor of Ohio. In many ways, though, he is a dream candidate. 

Tall and presidential looking, exceedingly articulate, Kasich is the former Chair of the House Budget Committee - back when we actually ran a surplus. In Ohio, he turned an $8 billion dollar deficit into a $1.5 billion dollar surplus, all while lowering taxes. And did I mention he's from Ohio?

Kasich, like Walker, needs to get re-elected in the fall. But keep an eye out after.


  1. The propaganda campaign is getting interesting. No one other than RudyG is more desperate to be prez than Mitt. He will run but he wants to be called into action. Rs are really starting to believe their own propaganda (which is really becoming a problem) and believing that the country wishes they could have a do-over and have Mitt as prez. Mitt is also buying this hook, line and sinker. But he doesn't want to face your type in the primaries. He wants an open field and a sense of inevitability which is what this propaganda is about.

    It's really imperative for the Rs that Mitt runs. Because he is the only real candidate they have that can win their own state. Maybe Bush or Rubio could squeak it out but that is a BIG maybe. Walker and Christie have no chance. Paul and Cruz are great for the R inbreds but after that it's a collapse.

    1. Oh yeah. Forget about Kasich. He has no charisma. That's why he is getting no attention. He loses right out of the chute.