Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The GOP Presidential Field Could Be Huge

Here are the names of all the Republicans that I hear are considering a run. Some are widely known, others might come as a bit of a surprise:

Ted Cruz
Rand Paul
Mitt Romney 
Chris Christie
Mike Pence
Scott Walker
Jeb Bush
Bobby Jindal
Rick Santorum
John Bolton
Rick Perry
Paul Ryan
John Kasich
Mike Huckabee

Did I miss anyone? Let me know.

This is a HUGE potential field, and it will coalesce into the establishment versus the conservatives. It will require some sorting out, but I am told the GOP learned its lessons from 2012 that nineteen debates is a horrible idea.

1 comment:

  1. Paul Ryan is doing the media thing now and apparently getting ready for a run. He's probably the best candidate for the Rs because he could theoretically win Wisconsin and he would avoid a Romney re-run. Plus, he pretty mild-mannered and will at least make it to the finish line. I didn't expect him to run but he might just be the front-runner. He can get the corporate backing and will keep the Tea Party fairly happy because he talks a good game even if he is a complete fraud.