Monday, August 27, 2012

National Pulse Index Update - August 27th

To understand what this is, read this.

No big swings in the last week for either party:

But the big story is the trend chart:

Remember, since the presidential polls haven't changed much, this essentially represents poll-over-poll changes in all the other races (Senate and House). This has been a relentless trend since The Naked Dollar started posting Pulse Index numbers in April. One wonders how long this can go unnoticed. Because it is, unnoticed.

The obvious point is that Senate and House races are trending very well for Republicans. The less obvious point is that there's plenty of upside for Romney. Lots of people have been switching their intentions towards local candidates, but those same people seem reluctant to do the same with Romney. It is reasonable to speculate that the Romney hagiography over the next few days of the convention will convert many of these voters.

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