Thursday, August 9, 2012

Slightly Better Week for Democrats, but...

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I fully expected to see a huge swing back to Democrats over the last week, what, with Obama seemingly bubbling up in most polls. the data say otherwise, though, because while there was a nice move by Dems, it was very brief, and by yesterday the momentum had shifted slightly back to Republicans:

Further, you can see from the following graph, that the basic trend is unbroken:

Again, this is cumulative, poll-over-poll changes, nationwide. Up is good for Republicans, down good for Democrats. If you were a Wall Street trader, and this was a stock, you would be "long" Republican. This remarkably consistent trend is something that seems completely unnoticed, or at a minimum, unreported.

And remember, despite the fact that the Naked Dollar believes it is vital to our nation's future to remove Democrats from power, this model is impartial. It's just a new way of looking at polling trends.

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