Friday, October 5, 2012

Debates, Round One - Naked Dollar Sticks It

I don't need to add to the chorus of analysis after the first debate, but I do get to crow a little bit: The Naked Dollar called it right, and for the right reasons (see the post beneath this one). The rest of the media world is catching up. I also have to say it was fun watching Chris Matthews have a near-aneurysm on live TV.

Perhaps the one remarkable thing, as noted by JPR in the comments, was that it wasn't even close enough to spin. Someone else had previously posted that it didn't matter how well Romney did since the media would just tell the story they wanted to anyway. Yes, that's true, except for one scenario, one in which the debate was so demonstrably one-sided that media knew they wouldn't get away with it. They still care about their credibility, I think, sort of.

65 million people were watching. Can't spin something that everyone sees with their own eyes.

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  1. A good performance by Romney. This continues to be an exact replica of 2004 with the Republican John Kerry staying close but failing to close. We are even repeating the debates performances.

    He still loses by 2-3 percentage points but the Rs get some hope. It will only make it hurt all the more in the end.