Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Dalton Update 2

Dalton has removed the names of all their directors from their website. For some reason, they don't want you to know who they are.

Did I mention their motto is, "Go Forth Unafraid?"

Also, the administration has decided they want all teachers to come back post break, but initially gave them all a lot of latitude to say no. Most did, apparently going forth unafraid. So then Dalton said, no, really, we weren't kidding. We want you to come back. They narrowed the latitude for saying no.

At this, I'm told by insiders that the black teachers erupted, repeating earlier claims that demands to return are racist. THEN, teachers apparently "officially" tied their return to an acquiescence to the demands in their manifesto. They think it's all reasonable and want it all agreed to before they come back. See here for the full list. Set aside some time to get through it all.

This is an extremely difficult situation, but one Dalton engineered itself. Hire radical teachers, and you will get radicalism. 

In case you were wondering, here's the Dalton board. The Wayback Machine is so useful.

2020-21 Trustees

Alan Klein*
Aly Sheezar Jeddy*
 Ramsey Smith
Jim Best
Head of School
Leah JohnsonAshley Smyth*
Ronnie Abrams ’86
Olati Johnson*Deirdre Stanley
Timothy Barakett*Erica KleinBenjamin tenOever
Graciela Hank BitarBruce MeninAndrew Weinberg ’92 
Mark Chan*
Durre NabiBrynja Sigurdardottir
PA President
Sheree ChiouAlexander RobinsonJoanna Stone Herman
Alumni Representative
John Clark Ishaan Seth*Emily Mindel Gottlieb '91
Dalton Council Chair
Jennie Tarr Coyne 97*James SimmonsSarah Kerman
Faculty Representative
Andreas DracopoulosDasha Smith**Executive Committee Members
Jennifer Glassman*


  1. I have another horrific example for The Masterman School. The “Demands” are worse. These people are very skilled at cutting and pasting rhetoric and I love how they constantly refer to “research says”.

    BARWE (Building Anti-Racist White Educators) at Masterman. This group will be part of a larger network that is already functioning in schools across Philadelphia; we will be adding a Masterman Chapter. BARWE (said "bar we" as it is called for short) will function with the aim of better supporting the academic and social and emotional well-being of students of color at Masterman through ongoing study and reflection, so that we can slowly address our own unconscious biases and make anti-racist changes.

  2. Nothing insuperable if they've got some cash reserves and some spine. By one account the starting salary of a Dalton teacher is about $100,000.

    1. Close the school for a semester.

    2. Install and interim headmaster from the ranks of one of the management types on the board or from the ranks of retired headmasters.

    3. Post the 90 jobs in schoolteacher magazines and the like. Commission a set of serious teachers to hit the road to do the bloody interviews.

  3. I would delay the return to class and hire new staff to start work in early February.

  4. "repeating earlier claims that demands to return are racist."

    I distinctly remember that when NYC schools were closed, those opposed to the decision called it "racist" because black students would be less likely to have access to Zoom and because black parents would be less likely to be able to handle child care. Now, when schools like Dalton want to re-open, those opposing that decision call it "racist."

    Can't everyone see that this is nothing more than a tactic that factions use to dominate and control others in order to get what they want? It's pretty transparent. Why does anyone still care when someone screams "racist!" or "white supremacy!"? It should evoke nothing more than a yawn and an eye roll.

  5. Where do the Administration and Board send their children to school ? Do they virtue signal at Dalton while sending their children elsewhere ?

  6. What do the stars next to some of the names on the board mean?