Monday, October 25, 2010

Commercial Shoot

Had an interesting experience the other day. My wife and I allowed some folks to come into our home to shoot a print ad for an Alzheimer's medicine. It was their third day of shooting in three different homes. How many people do you think it takes to do this? Keep in mind, the end product was a grand total of three images that will appear in magazines.

Answer: more than fifteen. There were directors, producers, photographers, make up people, wardrobe, technology, and lighting specialists, caterers, models, of course, and Lord knows what else. There were six or seven vehicles including a huge Winnebago. How much could this all cost? I don't know, but they paid us quite well and, boy, do they eat well. No sandwiches for this group.

One of the images was a shot of a mother and daughter baking together. I went on the the internet and found this:

in about 15 seconds. Do they know about the internet? What am I missing here?

Having said that, they were very nice people and I sure hope they come back.

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